Radley Balko talks about crime lab ineptitude

So, the justice department has discovered defects in the way it has been representing “scientific” evidence affecting thousands, if not tens of thousands, of cases. Luckily, the government is taking aggressive steps to correct past mistakes and help the innocent people whose lives it may have helped to destroy. Hahahaha! Just kidding about that last part. The government doesn’t give a shit about innocence or guilt. What matters to them is keeping the prisons full and not doing anything that might embarrass politicians or throw doubt on America’s belief that once you’re arrested, you must be guilty.

A Massive Mess of Forensics

Why is this likely to continue? Because the government does not recognize as illegal any activity that benefits them, so these kinds of abuses will continue to go unpunished and uncorrected. What incentive do they have to change things when there really is very little down side? And, as long as it doesn’t interrupt Dancing with the Stars, the public essentially couldn’t care less.