Sunday Photography Blogging

I saw a bent up fork on the desk of a guy I work with. I thought it looked kind of interesting, so I asked him if I could take it home and do a picture of it. To add a contrasting shape, I painted a marble black and used an old piece of Formica that I had left over from when I did commercial photography part time many years ago. This is the result.

Fork and Ball

I used a Nikon F100 with an old non-AIS 35mm f2.8 lens. I think the film was TMax 100 developed in Xtol. The picture is scanned from an 8×10 darkroom print.

Below is a picture of the setup. After I quit doing commercial photography, I added a darkroom, frame shop, and studio to my house. I no longer do any work for money. This is just a hobby, but I’m obsessive about it.


The horizon light along the back of the baseboard is a 4 foot flourescent positioned slightly below the top of the table. The background paper was slightly behind the light.