Morning LInks

  • No more Saturday mail delivery. which is expected to save about $2 billion annually (equal to about an eighth of its annual losses).  The postal workers union is condemning the move, which is probably the best indicator that it’s a step in the right direction.  Interestingly, this decision is being made by the USPS without Congressional approval (like so much of what happens in the Executive Branch these days).
  • Media outlets are reporting on a secret CIA drone base in Saudi Arabia from which drone attacks in Yemen are launch.  While the American media has known about this base for some time, they withheld reporting on it at the government’s request because “the goddamn American people have no business knowing what their government is doing in their name.”  [That last comment is really more of a paraphrasing of American governmental attitude than a specific quote]
  • 18 y/o girl gets 30 days in the slammer for flipping off the judge.  This is right after the judge doubled her bond because of her lack of contrition.  The girl was charged with possession of the prescription drug Xanax.  Most media hasn’t even batted an eyelash at the harshness of the 30-day penalty. While it might not have been in her best interest to piss off the judge, like her, I have no respect for a justice system that would charge and prosecute someone for possession of Xanax to begin with.
  • A new report says the that the Britain’s MI5  wants to install black boxes on UK networks to enable them to monitor virtually everything their citizens say and do online.  While there is some speculation that encryption would render such a system useless, the part of the report that deals with that issue was redacted because, as is the case in any modern democracy, the government can’t have the population knowing what they plan to do.

2 thoughts on “Morning LInks

  1. Sandhillpam

    I just found this blog! I’ve missed seeing your commentary Dave. Wondering where the other commenters are… not showed up yet, or did I miss a link?
    Anyway happy to see you started a blog!

  2. Dave Krueger

    The only link to this site is the one I posted in the comments of Radley’s last article in announcing his move to the HuffPo. I’m a little surprised that more people aren’t commenting here, but my subject matter is not quite as narrowly defined as The Agitator. Also, Radley’s style is more directed at convincing a broad audience of his message whereas mine is more like preaching to the choir.

    In any case, the number of visitors to this site it growing, so comments will probably start to happen eventually.

    Thanks for visiting. And commenting!

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