Poking a sick (or pipe, hammer, etc) in the eye of Big Brother.

There’s a new game in Germany and it’s called Camover where the object is to destroy as many security cameras as possible.  From RT:

To participate in Camover, players form a team and give it a name – the ‘brigade’ part seems to be a must – and then go around town destroying CCTV cameras. The process has to be taped and posted online. Each team gets point for the number of destroyed cameras, as well as for creativity of execution.

The contest continues until February 19th when the European Police Congress is held in Berlin.  There is an interesting factor at play here.

Germany has strict personal image rights laws – global tech giant Google was forced to censor the faces of anyone whose picture was taken on their street view service, RT’s Peter Oliver reported.

Could this catch on elsewhere?  Maybe.

Once a local trend, Camover has now gone global, with ‘brigades’ reporting successes from all over the world. The newest teams have been formed in US, one of which, the’Barefoot Bandit Brigade,’ claimed to have destroyed 17 CCTV cameras in a move of “concrete sabotage against the system of surveillance and control.”