Medical Marijuana for dogs

People seem to become far more outraged by the suffering of dogs than by the suffering of people.  When the government raids a house in search of marijuana and winds up injuring or killing the occupants, it barely merits a glitch on anyone’s radar, but if the cops kill a dog during a drug raid, people are outraged.

When people claim medical marijuana eases their suffering from disease, people are skeptical, so they have no problem with the drug war denying those people access to pot.  But how about when it turns out that pot can relieve the suffering of a dog with some terminal disease?  Nick Gillespie writes about how the veterinary medicine establishment coldly denies that pot could benefit pets.

In my opinion, the pharmaceutical industry, whether for pet’s or people, supports the war on drugs because they don’t want the competition.  The same is true of the alcoholic beverage industry.  These industries don’t care about your mother on her deathbed or you dog suffering from cancer.  They care about their bottom line and the government is always a willing partner in helping them to squeeze the public.