Omaha cops caught on camera behaving like cops


Police say Octavious Johnson became combative after his car screeched to a halt in front of officers who were investigating cars with expired license plates that were parked on the street.

Except, if you watch the video (below), it’s pretty clear that the only people who became combative were the cops.  And watch how the cops go after the guy on the sidewalk, Juaquez Johnson, who was video recording them.  Count the number of cops who chased him into the house.

Sharon Johnson, the men’s aunt, told The World-Herald that police told Juaquez Johnson to stop videotaping the incident. He ran inside the house to get away from them, and police followed to get the video, she said.

Cops hate video because it interferes with their standard strategy of fabricating a story about how someone they arrested just happens to be covered with bruises, or worse.

Another report says the cops took the guy’s phone and apparently hasn’t returned it.  You would probably be safe in betting that the video recorded by Juaquez Johnson will never see the light of day.

Then there’s the standard funny stuff that cops and their city government apologists always say after they beat the crap out of someone and attempt to cover it up by destroying evidence,

Police Chief Todd Schmaderer promised during a press conference Saturday to oversee a thorough investigation of the allegations of brutality and intimidation.

Next to the story are a bunch of lofty quotes by the mayor and city council about how much faith they have in the police department to investigate itself which, of course, wouldn’t be necessary of there hadn’t been a second recording of the event that the cops didn’t intercept.

After a suitable period of time to let the public lose interest, cops are usually cleared of wrong-doing with some statement of how they were merely following departmental policy.  Occasionally a cop is forced to quit and go work for some other law enforcement agency.  Then there’s the extremely rare case where justice is done…

As usual, the names of the arrestees are splattered all over the media while the cops involved remain comfortably anonymous.

And, speaking of anonymous