Former DA charged for misconduct. It’s a miracle!


Former Williamson County [Texas] District Attorney Ken Anderson was arrested and booked into jail and then released on bail Friday after a specially convened court found that he intentionally hid evidence to secure Michael Morton’s 1987 conviction for murder.

Of course, to any District Attorney looking for a pathway to, say, a judgeship, all that matters is getting convictions.  Innocence just isn’t all that important.

Sturns told the standing-room-only courtroom that the evidence showed that Anderson improperly concealed two pieces of evidence that could have helped Morton fight the murder charge:

• The transcript of a police interview revealing that the Mortons’ 3-year-old son, Eric, witnessed the murder and said Michael Morton wasn’t home at the time.

• A police report about a suspicious man who had parked a green van near the Morton home and, on several occasions, walked into the wooded area behind the house.

Sturns’ ruling is the first step in a potential criminal case against Anderson, who was Williamson County’s celebrated law-and-order district attorney for 16 years before he became a district judge in 2002. His current term as judge will end in 2014. State law does not require him to step down as the case against him progresses.

Interesting.  Where I work, it takes a lot less than sending an innocent person to prison for a quarter century to get my ass thrown out on the street.  I guess this shouldn’t be surprising when you consider that politicians tend to protect their own when making of the rules of conduct.