The Agitator’s Morning links for Friday, 12/21/12

In response to complaints about the draconian comment screening at HuffPo, I am going to post links to The Agitator and allow the posting of comments here. If you like the idea, tell your friends so we get enough people for a worthwhile discussion.

Morning Links: Troops In Schools, Cell Phones And Crime, Racing Through The Streets Of North Korea

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3 thoughts on “The Agitator’s Morning links for Friday, 12/21/12

  1. Psion

    Dear Senator Boxer,

    Do you happen to remember a little school called Kent State and what incident rendered it so famous? Just because the people we’ve entrusted to guard our little ones are state-sanctioned, doesn’t make them any safer. They’re still human and eventually they’ll succumb to the same weaknesses as civilians.

  2. Andrew S.

    Thanks for this, Dave K.

    I love how the cops reflexively defend the dog killing cop in Denver, but won’t put their names to a quote. It’s just so… so… typical? Is that the word I’m looking for? Frustrating? Annoying?

  3. OBTC

    I love your idea Dave and have personally always enjoyed your comments on The Agitator.
    Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas.

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