Sunday Evening Photography Blogging

Yeah, yeah, I know.  This concept bears a striking resemblance to Radley Balko’s Sunday Evening Dog Blogging, but I swear that is pure coincidence…

My hobby is traditional photography.  I’m obsessive about it.  I shoot film, develop it, and print the pictures in a darkroom.

I have two Siberian Huskies, Lexy (Aleksei) on the left, and Nicky (Nicolai) on the right.   Lexy is about 3 years old and Nicky is 8 months old (and weighs 8 pounds more than Lexy).  Most of the time we use a little digital point-and-shoot for snap shots, but I hate the direct flash, so I keep an old 35mm with a flash attachment handy for when they do something cute.  The flash is bounced off the ceiling, making for a much softer light.  I took this shot one morning a couple weeks ago when the dogs jumped up on the bed to watch us get ready for work.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Photography Blogging

  1. jb

    Maybe lighten up on the eye shadow a bit. That makeup is OK for clubbing but too intense for the work place.

  2. admin

    We seem to be attracted to dogs that have the kind of I’m-going-to-rip-your-throat-out face that scares children. Wolf-like. The blue eyes seem to add to that effect. I think the eye shadow appearance is known in the Husky world as “the mask”. I think books have probably been written about it. 🙂

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