2 thoughts on “Shocking! D.C. has been knowingly sending out thousands of defective traffic citations

  1. Frank Adamo

    Welcome back. I didn’t know you’re a photographer. Are you on Flickr? I was very sorry to hear the Agitator has joined the censorship-happy Huffington Post.

  2. Dave Krueger

    Hi, good to see you again.

    I do have a flickr page:

    and a photography website:

    I was happy that Radley got the much larger audience, but very disappointed when I started posting (or trying to post) comments over there. Along with the status of being affiliated with the HuffPo, I think it also carries the stigma of being part of the institutionalized (and mindless) polar left where team worship far outweighs any sense of rationality. Of course, I first found Radley on foxnews.com which carries the same stigma except tipped toward the other pole.

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