Sunday Photography Blogging

I’m an electrical engineer by trade, so my artistic capacity is somewhat limited.  My pictures are usually cityscapes, but I do venture into other areas on occasion.  For this series of pictures, I decided to try and capture a martini glass in the process of spilling.  To a slightly geeky person like me, this is art.

martini_1 martini_3 Below is a digital snap shot of the set-up.   Basically, I set the camera on a tripod and had a small, very high speed, flash pointed at the wall in the background so as to produce the backlighting necessary to completely avoid any reflections. On the floor is a soft (water proof!) cushion for the glass to land and a bucket with a sponge to clean up the mess.  I shot about 20 exposures (on B&W film, of course).  I simply filled the glass with water, dropped in the olive stick, threw it up in the air, and clicked the shutter.  The camera settings were all completely manual.  I cleaned up after every shot.setup1