Was this cop ever actually charged with a crime?

I’ve blogged a couple times (here and here) about a local area cop who was fired for shooting a deer with his own rifle while on duty, but the more I read about this, the more I wonder whether the so-called “charges” leveled against him were really charges in the criminal sense of the word.  In other words, is he going to be prosecuted in criminal court or is termination the only penalty he faces?

In any case, Scoggins is in the news again as he prepares to appeal his termination once again.  While, these articles repeatedly speak of “charges” and even use the word “prosecution with regard to his firing, there has been no mention arraignment, bail, or trial date which makes me think he may indeed be getting special treatment because he’s a cop.  Wouldn’t an ordinary citizen accused of the same violations be facing criminal charges?