Just minding our own business when 7 cops beat us up

This incident happened on February 10th.  Video (below) shows two black teens, 17 and 18 years old, standing on a street in the French Quarter in New Orleans when they were approached by a group of seven white plain clothes state police officers.  From the NOLA Defender:

One state police officer slings one of the men across the sidewalk. The rest then pile on each of the men. According to Fox 8, the incident took place in the 700 block of Conti St. after a parade on Sun., Feb. 10. The mother of 18-year-old Ferdinand Hunt, who is a New Orleans police officer, left her son to get something to eat. That’s when the cops approached him and 17-year-old Sidney Newman, Fox 8 reported. During the video the mother returns, and the police then leave the scene.

The cops say they just approached to ID the boys.  Here is the video from Fox 8:

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At a N.O. City Council hearing on March 5th, LA State Police Superintendent Michael Edmondson emphasized his commitment to transparency saying “I believe the public has a right to know.”  But there were complaints that the NOPD makes it difficult to file complaints.  This is a common strategy among many police departments.  The police profession is not known for transparency.  It has established a reputation for being just the opposite.  The only kind of transparency that cops respect is publicly available video which is probably the only reason this story received any attention at all..

The LA State Police are conducting an internal investigation, but it’s already pretty clear that no one in their department feels these officers are in any real trouble.

The officers in question are still in active duty, and [LA State Police Superintendent] Edmondson emphasized that the group has “80 years of experience between them.” Many who took to the mike following Edmondson’s testimony were outraged that the officers were still in the field, noting that such an investigation usually warrants desk duty or suspension for officers involved.

Luckily, the FBI is also involved, not that the FBI is necessarily any more ethical, but at least they are independent.

The March 6th NOLA Defender article ends on an interesting note:

Elsewhere yesterday, two NOPD officers, Mike Field and Jamal Kendrick, were suspended for beating handcuffed captives in two 2012 separate incidents.