After-the-fact justification for the execution of Awlaki

One of the biggest reasons for not trusting the establishment media is their symbiotic relationship with the state and their long established willingness to intentionally misinform the American public at the behest of the government, especially in war time (which is now perpetual).  Nothing more aptly demonstrates this than the endless stream of “reporting” derived from “unnamed sources” in the government.

Glenn Greenwald tears into a Saturday New York Times article that dutifully details the justification for the Obama administration’s execution of US citizen, Anwar Awlaki.  Greenwald makes a good case that the decision to execute Awlaki hinged not on Awlaki’s operational activities, but on what he was saying about the U.S.   Since the entire justification for the Presidential kill list centers on the requirement that the targeted individuals pose an imminent threat to the U.S., killing someone simply because the government doesn’t like what he’s saying would be murder, even if done by the President (at least for now).