Sacramento cop pleads guilty to lying his ass off

According to News 10:

Former Sacramento police officer Brandon Mullock, 27, was charged with four felony charges – one count of perjury, three counts of filing false police reports, Sacramento County District Attorney Office spokesperson Shelly Orio said.

Here is where it gets a little funny:

Orio said during the investigation, the police department and the D.A.’s office found the Mullock lied about DUI suspects refusing to do field sobriety tests, staggering or slurring their speech, and suspects making incriminating statements about being drunk.

Notice how the DA spokesman acts like it was the DA that uncovered the fact that Mullock was cranking out bullshit?  Actually, based on story from 2010, it sounds more like it was defense attorneys Alan Donato and Mark Sollitt who brought this abuse of power to light.  District attorneys aren’t in the habit of making noticing behavior that could flush dozens of convictions 73 to be exact) down the toilet and if it weren’t for defense attorneys fighting back against this kind of crap, you can be damn sure that prosecutors would still be merrily wrecking people’s lives on the word of this asshole.  Why?  Because police departments rarely have  any mechanism for detecting abuse of powers by their officers and when they do find misbehavior, their first move is usually to go into damage control mode and protect the cop involved.  Prosecutors care about convictions, not justice.

In any case, it’s good to see a cop brought to justice when stuff like this happens.  Sentencing is scheduled for April 19th.