Woman trades sex for a beating

A California college student, Morgan Triplett, advertised on CraigsList for someone to beat her up in exchange for sex.  A man answered the ad and sometime after the beating the Triplett called 911 to report that she had been raped on a UC Santa Cruz campus trail.  The police eventually uncovered the ads on CraigsList and determined that she had been lying.

Assistant District Attorney Johanna Schoenfield explained the woman’s actions this way:

Part of the prompting for posting these ads was thoughts of suicide, depression, and wanting somebody to hurt her to almost bring her back to life,” Shoenfield told NBC.

Richard Triplett, the girl’s father, said “there are two sides to every story“.

She is sorry for any problems or chaos she has caused,” he said. “What we’re dealing with is a very scared, very upset, very confused 20-year-old girl who has made some poor choices. This is the culmination of these choices.”