Exxon-controlled no-fly zone over Arkansas oil spill?

Not sure what to make of this, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has apparently established flight restrictions over the site of an oil spill in Arkansas. Furthermore, according to Arkansas Online:

The FAA site noted earlier Wednesday that “only relief aircraft operations under direction of Tom Suhrhoff” are allowed in the zone. Lunsford said later Wednesday that officials were amending the restriction to also allow news media aircraft.

Suhrhoff is listed on a LinkedIn profile as an aviation advisor for ExxonMobil. A message left with a media line for the oil company wasn’t immediately returned.

Solon has a report on it here.

What strikes me as most interesting is that, aside from RT, there apparently hasn’t been a peep out of the establishment news outlets about this. I have no idea how common such flight restrictions are in the U.S., but it is inevitable that there will be lawsuits over this oil spill and the idea that the company responsible for the spill has been empowered to prevent low-flying aerial news coverage of the damages seems fairly irresponsible.