Late Afternoon Links

  • LAPD cop arrested for molesting two young girls, both under age ten.  Interesting to note that he is on paid administrative leave even as he sits in jail.  I don’t get paid if I have to go to court for a speeding ticket.  Cops must live is some kind of parallel universe.
  • Sacramento cops subdue an unarmed man to death during an arrest at a convenience store.  The police department has launched an investigation which will presumably lead to a declaration that their officers behaved appropriately.
  • From the New York Daily News“A Massachusetts kindergartner sparked panic on his school bus when he brought a plastic Lego gun — the size of a quarter — on board.”


2 thoughts on “Late Afternoon Links

  1. whistle

    The last link about the Illinois high school teacher takes me back to high school. Every year we had to fill out these extensive surveys about drugs, sex, emotional well-being, etc. They were supposed to be anonymous, but they asked for a lot of demographic info up front. We had one black kid in our grade (ruralish IN), and every time I filled out the survey I thought to myself “Man, I hope he lies on the race question.”

    Hope you had a good vacation, Dave.

  2. Dave Krueger

    Yeah, I don’t trust anything about an “anonymous” survey. If you want to find out how anonymous they are, put something down that hints at suicide or violence and then watch the local news that evening.

    Thanks, I’m glad to be back. Seems like everyone in Toronto must own a dog. I was starting to really miss my two huskies. 🙂

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