Abuse of police power, Hawthorne, California style

A man records cops in Hawthone, California.  Note that the man is not even close to the cops but cops don’t like being recorded. And because cops are basically permitted to abuse their powers without fear of consequences, they decide to arrest the guy.  Unfortunately, the guy’s dog gets upset and escapes the car upon which the cops decide to shoot the dog repeatedly.

WARNING: If you don’t want to be upset by the sight of a dog being senselessly and brutally murdered by Gang in Blue (who will undoubtedly be cleared of any wrongdoing), don’t watch the video.

As for the shooter, I hope he rests comfortably knowing that, because of his childish temper and galactic sized ego, a creature of far more significance in the universe than he will ever be, is dead.

[UPDATE 7/3/13]
Reason.com has some further information about this event.  It seems the dog owner has a history with police and police claim they approached him because he was playing his car stereo too loud.

2 thoughts on “Abuse of police power, Hawthorne, California style

  1. steven

    The actions of this man cost the dog its life. The man made a number of decisions which compounded each other the lead to the dog being shot.

    Also thats a rottweiller, they are a known dangerous breed so im not surprised the cops acted like they did.

    poor doggie tho 🙁

  2. Dave Krueger

    Thanks for commenting.

    Can you be more specific about what decisions the guy made that justified being arrested?

    My contention is that the guy didn’t do anything worthy of arrest and therefore the cops should not have confronted him to begin with. If they hadn’t confronted him, then the dog would not have been shot.

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