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The perfect Christmas gift for the kid who has everything

Sales of armored backpacks for kids soar

But, if you really cared, you would give them an automotive crash helmet, because they are at much greater risk of dying in a car wreck than being shot by a mass murderer.  People just can’t pass up an excuse to get hysterical.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know we’re probably all burned out on the discussions, parasitic news coverage, and political opportunism related to the Newtown shooting, but I particularly liked Glenn Greenwald’s take on it.  Killing kids seems to really get people worked up.  If the killing is the result of a terrorist or military attack, many people probably start thinking about vengeance.  a Luckily, the DHS keeps us safe from the anger triggered by the innocent people  we kill in places like Pakistan, so we have nothing to worry about.