Friday Night Music Vusic Video

When I was in my 30s, I read the book Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo.  I had read somewhere that Hugo’s style of writing resembled Ayn Rand in terms of story complexity and character definition.  Hugo, like Rand (and also Alexander Dumas) fill their stories with numerous subplots and their characters are often easily identifiable as purely heroic or evil. Every word and every detail of the story is important and everything relates to everything else. The book is a masterpiece of literary perfection.

Then a number of years ago, I chanced upon a special about the Cameron Mackintosh stage production of Les Miz and decided I would have to see it.  Since them I have seen it four times in three different cities.  My favorite character in the show is Eponine and this is one of the best songs ever put on a stage.

I have been waiting for years to see it as a movie. I hear it is absolutely stunning.