Prosecutors and DEA officials switch sides in drug war

From The Guardian:

After working to take down cartels, former officials say America’s ‘war on drugs’ is misguided and the human cost too high

US prosecutors and other senior officials who spearheaded the war against drug cartels have quit their jobs to defend Colombian cocaine traffickers, saying their clients are not bad people and that United States drug policy is wrong.

Senior former assistant US attorneys and Drug Enforcement Administration agents are turning years of experience in investigating, indicting and extraditing narcos to the advantage of the alleged traffickers they now represent.

Pardon my skepticism, but this seems less like an ideological change of heart and more like a career opportunity.  Compare it to officials in U.S. regulatory agencies quitting in order to take high paying jobs in the industries they used to regulate or in the affiliated lobbying organizations.  I know there are law enforcement officers who oppose the drug war, but I just choke on the suggestion that a career DEA agent or federal prosecutor suddenly sees the light and realizes that he has needlessly been destroying people’s lives all these years.